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About Selling the Bay Team

Selling The Bay Real Estate Team operates in the Southern Georgian Bay area, with a strong emphasis in the Wasaga Beach, Collingwood, Blue Mountains, Clearview and Tiny Township markets. Philip Grainger and Katrina Ruttan conduct their business on platform that represents honesty, integrity, trust and transparency. Selling The Bay Team is a proud supporter of multiple community groups.

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The Thawing of Canada's Housing Market Revival

As we experience an unexpected mild winter across Canada, a similar thaw seems to be happening in the housing market. After a period of downturn, marked by rising interest rates and a significant

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Canadian Job Market Data Shifts Predictions for Bank of Canada Interest Rate Cut

IntroductionThe Canadian job market has recently presented some unexpected surprises, prompting economists to revise their forecasts for the Bank of Canada's anticipated interest rate cut. The

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January 2024 Lakelands West Real Estate Market Report

IntroductionWelcome to the January 2024 Selling the Bay Team's Real Estate Market Report, providing you with key insights and trends in the Lakelands West area. Derived from data sourced from The

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Navigating the Shift: Canada's Housing Market in Early 2024

As we step into February 2024, Canada's housing market is showing early signs of recovery, with residential transactions across major markets marking their second consecutive month of increase. This

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